On behalf of the Organizing Committee I have a great pleasure to announce the next scientific meeting organized in Cracow: Symposium "Flow Analysis & Capillary Electrophoresis" (FA&CE UJ 2016). Symposium will be held at the Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University in Cracow, on September 14-16, 2016. It is organized in collaboration with the Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Group of Automation and Robotics of Analytical Methods within this Committee.

        In the years 1996-2014 we successfully organized nine symposia dedicated mainly to flow analysis. This year we have decided to include the capillary electrophoresis into the program to greater extent and we have done so far. The main reason is that both analytical techniques complement one another to increasing extent and thereby novel useful analytical tools are created. For a number of years one can observe the continuous progress of microfluidic technology in the form of miniaturized lab-on-a-chip systems working on the basis of electroosmotic flow. In addition, more and more works appear in which the macro-scale flow systems serving for the sample pre-treatment are merged with the capillary electrophoresis instruments playing a role of the separation and detection unit. So, taking into account these rationales as well as a huge instrumental and methodological progress noted recently in both fields, initiation of the new scientific forum covering jointly both techniques seems to be a necessary and inspiring idea.

        On the other hand we realize that flow analysis and capillary electrophoresis are also independent analytical fields of own specificity and applicability. Therefore, the persons interested exclusively in one of these areas would have opportunity to participate in a single selected two-day part of our event. However, we are sure that the abovementioned leading idea of this event is, in fact, convincing and absorbing enough for you to stay with us all the time.  

        Thus, we welcome everyone who is scientifically involved in flow analysis and capillary electrophoresis. We expect presentations of novel achievements in theoretical and methodological studies in both areas. Results of research in the field of the lab-on-a-cheap technology as well as examples of joined exploitation of hydrodynamic and electroosmotic flows are warmly welcome. We also look forward to the reports – on both the complete investigations and studies in the phase of development – related to novel instrumental modifications of flow and electrophoretic systems, including their analytical and even non-analytical applications. 

        The representatives from institute and industrial laboratories as well as from companies producing analytical instruments are kindly welcome to our meeting. They are invited to share their experience and remarks on implementation of flow and electrophoretic systems in routine analyses and on problems encountered in a daily laboratory practice. Everybody who intends to deal with both areas of analytical chemistry in a laboratory in the future is also invited to be with us.

        Moreover, young analysts, PhD students and master students are cordially encouraged to present their own achievements. We believe that their fresh look at analytical problems will be especially inspiring for all of us.

        Cracow is well-known as a magical place in the heart of Europe. History, culture and science – all together create very unique atmosphere of this town. We believe it will help you to make your debates very fruitful and the stay in this place will be a great experience for all of you.


 Professor Paweł Kościelniak

 Chair of the Organizing Committee

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